AutoFarmBot for Zero BotNet

Uploaded by Fumzo


This script automatically repairs the errors of your bot entities, as well as their hp when they are attacked by a player or sometimes take random damage, and it also automatically transfers the money stored in the controller that has a storage limit to your vault that doesnt. To get the ID of another cryptocurrency, you simply replace BTC with the acronym of the cryptocurrency whose ID you want to know. For example, if you want the ID of Ethereum, you'd write : local ethereumID = zbf.Currency.GetID(ETH) print(ethereumID) This will give you the result in the console and all you have to do is change it in place of the 2 in the script: net.WriteUInt(2, 8) -- The ID of Bitcoin is 2 Hope you enjoy my work!!!


How it works :

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This download has been scanned and checked and does not contain any malicous code.
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